What could you do
when fueled by JOY?


To foster organic community trust and sustain activism through celebration and tangible resources


A community filled with allied citizen-stakeholders engaged in shaping the future of Brunswick

"Joy is an act of resistance"
-Toi Derricotte

The Brunswick League of Celebration, Inc. is committed to building up the "BLOC" by improving collective mental health and sparking joy. Through programming, resources, safe spaces, and events we help to cultivate organic trust, regard for ourselves, and shared responsibility in our community.

The act of joyful celebration is a sacred and essential part of the community as an institution and is integral to collective liberation. Tending to our mental health and wellness in this way gives us space to heal our neighborhoods, take stewardship of our health, participate in our local government, and to reduce crime through increased community trust.

While moderating a panel at the Stoney Island Arts Bank in 2019, DJ Duane Powell quoted Dr. Wallace D. Best and spoke to how, throughout his life, parties offered him and his peers the freedom to move
in “a space where nothing is policing you”. 

According to Dr. Best, an author, historian, and professor of African American Studies at Princeton University, “a Black body in motion is never without consequence.” Dr. Best believes an irrational fear of Black people is so deeply ingrained into the American national psyche that Black bodies themselves are read as a threat.
This reality is known especially to the Brunswick community.

Today, with a majority population of just over 60%, the initiatives of the BLOC are focused on redressing the inequities of life and leisure in the Golden Isles for Black citizens. Separately, we believe in a perpetually more inclusive Brunswick and thusly our community events and programs are open to all citizens.

The Brunswick League of Celebration, Inc. is a registered non-profit corporation in the state of Georgia
and pending 501(c)(3) charitable organization status.  Our federal EIN is 92-1593774.